About Us

Here's a Bit About Me


      Nehal Elshazly 

     Founder & Lead Designer

As the founder of DBN, I am also the lead designer. My Journey into the interior design industry began with a simple realization of having a passion for interior design and decorating. After achieving my bachelors degree in molecular biology, I decided to look into the field of interior design. I Started my journey with simple courses online and became an expert E-designer and Color Expert. I then decided to further my education in the field and studied at the New York Institute of Art and Design which provided me with the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in the field.

What inspired me to pursue interior design?

I was always inspired by beautiful design and the way it can transform a space. I also love the process of working with clients to help them realize their vision for their homes. It's so rewarding to see the finished product and know that you helped make someone's dream a reality.