October 12, 2021

Every year interior design trends are changing drastically. What are homeowners interested in now? There are so many hot trends when it comes to remodeling and decorating. So let’s talk about what’s hot now and what emerging trends signal what’s ahead for home decorating and remodel. Some of the most trending home aspects that are taking off this year are color palettes with particularly green hues, luxurious decor, in home swimming pools, home offices, home gyms, and art. Lets outline each of these items in detail.

Work Space

Since the rise of the pandemic, many peoples homes became the place where families hang out the most and that includes working as well. The ability to work from home is probably the biggest recent changes in home design. Statistically, searches for “home office” jumped 106% year over year. Now, not all homes are built with a dedicated office space including mine. There are many ways to create a space for work for instance, I converted a spare bedroom I have into my office or you can create a little cozy nok by a window to work from.

Exercise Space

Like working from home due to the pandemic, many local gyms turned hyperlocal as many people designated areas in their homes for physical activity. It’s a major shift in how people view their homes and probably one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If there isn’t a designated are inside you’re home consider using part of your garage as a dedicated workout area

Entertainment Area

Home theatre has become popular and in high demand. Recent data on Houzz has shown an increase in search for home theatre by 190%! Now, if you’re home has a basement like mine, you can easily create a nice cozy area for family entertainment by selecting stylish seating and a large screen. Great extra additions can include a nearby home bar and kitchenette.

The Color Green

Green has become a great hit with interior design and decorating. For instance, Houzz data shows that search for green kitchen and bathroom cabinets were up by 829%. From a color consultant point of view, I have seen many people moving towards warmer hues. Green pairs well with neutrals such as whites, grays, cool blues, tans, and creams. From a designer perspective, so many are interested in adding a pop of color in their furniture choices such as the colors green/emerald especially when adding accent furniture such as chairs, ottomans, and decorative pillows


There are many different home decor and accent trends blooming and there’s especially a high interest in products such as velvet sofas, gold wall mirrors, gold table lamps, rustic decor and accent  pillows.

Swimming Pool Design

Now this one is a big hit especially where I live in Georgia! Like home gyms, swimming pools became high in demand when public pools shut down during the pandemic. This drove homeowners to create inviting outdoor spaces in their backyards

What interior design trends should we expect to see in 2022?

First and foremost lets talk about interior colors. When choosing paint color, furniture color, or kitchen/bathroom cabinets many are drawn towards calm, comfort, and relaxation vibes. Neutral palette with natural shades such as Beige being the most relevant color as a base, both in cold and warm shades have been a trend in 2021 and will probably stick around through 2022. Paint brand Dulux has named Brave Ground the Color of the Year 2022.
Some of the most common furniture choices that may still be a trend through 2022 are rounded furniture/decor. In many instances and styles, strict layouts are often softened by furniture without corners . Many designer furniture have furniture and decor such as tables, lamps, poufs, sofas, coffee tables, candlesticks, and vases
Minimalism in terms of decor and furniture use will probably be a big hit in 2022 interiors. Color plays a huge factor when it comes to achieving this style and vibe in a space. The color beige and gray tones are crucial for this kind of style. A simple way to achieve such minimalism is mindful shopping. It is unnecessary to decorate all the walls, it is enough to mark one wall with an accent: with paint or with the help of paintings and other accessories.
Last but not least, there is a huge increase of interest in home gardening going into 2022. When the pandemic hit it was a period of isolation for people and many needed to feel close to nature.

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