September 18, 2021


The benefits of Using E-design services vs. traditional interior design

When I get asked what I do for a living and I say “I am an E-designer” It almostalways follows with a clueless look and question “ Oh that sounds cool, what isthat?” Simply stated, E-design is using technology to allow a designer to provide inspiration, expert sourcing and design expertise in a detailed room plan with product links at a fraction of the cost of full service design. Look at it this way, E-design has a DIY approach, whereas traditional interior design is more like white-glove service… and this is why the price differs so much. So why choose E-design? Let me simply outline that for you below 

It is visual

One of the major benefits of E-design vs Traditional interior design is you can see your space digitally before you commit to buying the pieces to complete the space (see my design process). The software that I personally use provides a detailed and compelling “visual” so you can see products within the space (see my Portfolio to see what I mean!)

Its practical

Starts with what you own and love, then builds upon that style for a cohesive, affordable layout. Also, keeps you to a design style that works in your home, with your lifestyle and true to you

Keeps you from making costly design mistakes

Creates a cohesive “plan” for your space before spending on expensive items that don’t go with one another. A plan with a visual sets the expectation of the room while showing items that may not fit the space or overall budget

Keeps items to scale 

Shows you to scale what items will work best next to one another. This is why it is critical to collect those accurate measurements before starting the design plan (Refer to my measuring guide)

Fits even the smallest of budgets

Not only does it allow you to phase and control your design budget, but it is also completely extraordinarily budget friendly because you’re only paying for the expertise and not the time consuming shopping time of the designer – Design for all!

Saves you time

Saves you oodles of time sourcing for products in an overwhelming online space…I’m an expert at shopping and knowing where to find those perfect items.

So how do you know if E-design is right for you? It’s simple! ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want a designer to come to your home?
  2. Are you able to measure your own space? (I provide a measuring guide)
  3. Are you able to photograph your own space?
  4. Are you able to communicate via email, telephone, or video chat?
  5. Do you prefer transparent, flat fee pricing? (See my packages here.)
  6. Do you want your design plan within 2-4 weeks instead of months- a year
  7. Are you able to order products and handle returns/exchanges?
  8. Are you able to DIY or hire tradesmen such as installers, painters, plumbers, etc.?
  9. Are you able to style the products you ordered? (If not, no worries! check out my Styling service)
  10. Do you want to finish the design in phases?
  11. Do you want a package that starts at less than $300 (less time investment for designer)?
  12. Do you want the same quality design without paying for the busy work?

If you answered yes to most of these, then your in the right place! 

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We specialize in using what you already have to transform your home into a space that perfectly reflects your family’s style, needs and comfort. We also offer design services if you are starting with a blank canvas!

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